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7. Purpose of Corporation
Corporation purpose is "Any lawful purpose". More Info
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8. Registered Agent
List individual to serve as Registered Agent. Must be a Florida resident.
Check if you want Florida Business Incorporators to serve as Registered Agent. More Info
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9. Directors
Florida requires each Corporation to have at least one Director. More Info
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10. Shareholders
Shareholders are the owners of the Corporation. More Info
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11. Officers
One person can be named all three officers. More Info
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12. Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) - IRS Form SS-4
The FEIN is REQUIRED to open bank accounts, file tax returns, business licenses,etc. More Info
* Check to have Florida Business Incorporators prepare the SS-4 form & OBTAIN the FEIN number. $55
Check to have Florida Business Incorporators prepare the IRS form SS-4. $25

13. Election to be treated as an S Corporation - IRS Form 2553
Check to have Florida Business Incorporators prepare Form 2553. $35 More Info


14. Products and Services Ordered
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State Fees - Required $ $
Basic Filing Service $ $
Corporate Kit, More Info $ $
Prepare IRS Form SS-4 for FEIN, More Info $ $
Do not prepare IRS SS-4, do not obtain FEIN $
S Corp Election More Info $ $
Registered Agent Services, More Info $ $
Official Company Stamp, More Info $ $
24-hour Expedite Fee, More Info $ $
Standard shipping and handling, More Info $
FedEx / UPS Overnight $ $
Discount code % $
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